Meet JACoB: The Open Source AI Coding Agent

JACoB (Just Another Coding Bot) is the open source, AI-powered coding agent that extends your capabilities in writing, reviewing, and integrating production-level code. JACoB maintains your team's coding standards to enhance your workflow and accelerate software development, freeing you to focus on big-picture projects.

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Introducing JACoB - Secure Open-Source Coding Agent

Accelerate your coding without changing your process

Streamline Your Workflow

JACoB integrates seamlessly with your existing GitHub repos and Figma designs, automating mundane tasks so you can concentrate on innovation.

Write Better Code, Faster

JACoB maps your full codebase, learning your patterns to generate consistent, high-quality code customized to your use cases and standards.

Enhance Code Quality

JACoB intelligently reviews code, proactively identifying bugs, security risks, and areas for improvement - decreasing review time.

Secure and Adaptable

Run JACoB locally or via our secure hosted containers. Being open source, you can also inspect the code and adapt JACoB to your exact needs.

Workflow Diagram

JACoB in Motion:

Watch the AI Developer at Work

Experience the seamless integration and coding expertise of JACoB.

Live Coding Session

A recorded session showing JACoB writing the code for the site from a design.

Web Portal Preview

Refine GitHub issues and watch JACoB work in real-time to create a pull request.

Setting up JACoB

A quick walkthrough of how to set up JACoB in your GitHub repo and Figma environment.

Why JACoB Stands Apart

Beyond Autocompletion - Pioneering Intelligent Automation in AI-Driven Software Development

While tools like GitHub CoPilot suggest snippets, JACoB delivers complete development tasks. It goes beyond auto-complete, integrating directly into your existing workflow to handle tasks from design conversion to code review, fully customized to your team's coding style and standards.

End-to-End Task Management

JACoB doesn't stop at suggestions; it takes on tasks from start to finish, including writing, reviewing, and testing.

Open Source and Extensible

JACoB's open-source nature means you can see under the hood and adapt it to your exact needs.

Full Codebase View

JACoB understands every part of your project, not just the file you're working on, ensuring a holistic approach to development.

Customizable to Fit Your Workflow

With JACoB, you set the rules. Configure everything in a JSON file right in your codebase, and JACoB follows suit.

Designed for Developers, Tailored for Teams

JACoB is built from the ground up to address the specific needs of software development.

Efficiency Boost

JACoB automates the repetitive and mundane, allowing you to concentrate on innovation and complex problem-solving.

Quality Assurance

With JACoB's AI-driven reviews, your code stays clean and maintainable.

Rapid Integration

JACoB fits into your workflow from day one, adapting to your tools and preferences.

Scalable Development

Handle more projects and complex code without expanding your team.

Learning & Growth

JACoB continuously learns from your codebase, contributing more effectively over time.

Customizable Workflow

Configure JACoB with a simple config file to match your team's unique coding style and existing preferences.

See JACoB’s Code in Action

Real Examples. Real Projects. Real Impact.

JACoB doesn't care about winning social media points; it’s about saving time for real-world applications. Here are some screenshots of the code and process the JACoB GitHub bot created for this section of the website. And if you want to view the entire site's codebase, click the button below to review the MIT-licensed repo on GitHub.

New issue Created

JACoB Status Updates

Pull Request Review


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